Saturday, March 28, 2009


My first recollection of a connection between beer and heavy metal came via a Portland speedcore band called Wehrmacht in 1985. I was well under the drinking age at that point and I’m sure most of the dudes in the band were too. But that didn’t stop them from consuming mass quantities of cheap American lager and writing a lot of songs about it: “Drink Beer, Be Free,” “United Shoe Brothers” (about drinking beer from a boot), “The Beer is Here.” Hell, they even named their second album Biermacht.

So, even though this blog isn’t really about the kind of binge-drinking shenanigans they got up to, nor is it a celebration of buying “a case of Lucky Lager for $7.47,”I nonetheless salute their dedication to beer and heavy metal.


Anonymous said...

HA! I just posted a quote from their drummer in DEMOLISH:

Where's the article on the great German TANKARD? I thought they were the most (in) famous of the beer drinking/thrash metal/80's secret mafia connection! :)

Rock...I mean, DRINK ON!

Curtis Matthew Kinger

AT said...

Yeah, I saw that post on your blog. Here's my token Tankard post: