Thursday, May 28, 2009

Disinterred Brews of the Damned!

I know, I know, this looks a little like some psychopath's backyard grave, but I swear that it is both metal and beer related--and doesn't involve any corpses. This was sent to me (as were the following shots) by Municipal Waste drummer Dave Witte, who is a self-professed "avid beer drinker/collector," and is featured in the latest installment of my Brewtal Truth column in the July 2009 issue of Decibel. Dave not only drums and has drummed for some amazingly cool metal bands (King Generator, Discordance Axis, Burnt By the Sun, Birds of Prey, Human Remains, and Muni Waste), he knows his beer.

What you're seeing here are pictures of Dave and his beer-loving buddies in Richmond, VA, digging up the beers they buried a year ago. Yes, they "cellar" their beers in the ground. Which not only keeps them at a nice even temperature, it also keeps the dudes, who each contributed two bottles, from cracking open these special brews in a drunken moment of weakness.

They buried seven buckets of beers, plus one giant bottle of Gulden Draak! This disinterrment actually occurred in March and Dave and crew were pleased by the results. "Some of those beers tasted so great," he said, "especially the Dogfish Old School Barleywine--man it was incredible."

It went so well, these nuts are thinking to do this a few times a year. And, as you can see from the sheer number of bottles that were dug up in March, there seems to be no lack of interest in this very metal version of cellaring beer.


Patrick Barber said...

Adem, it's good to know someone is keeping tabs on this stuff. But buried beer? Sounds like a story the Fretboard Journal would do, I mean, if we wrote about beer drinking instead of guitar making.

I buried a cassette release once. It was much improved (though sales faltered).


greg said...

Jeezus, those Richmond cats are a whole 'nother breed.


HAW, Richmond people are completely nuts.