Sunday, May 31, 2009

Feedback + Beer = Good Times

OK, so this isn’t an entirely beer-related post, but it definitely pertains to the general theme of this blog. Bear with me. I just wanted to celebrate the opening of the Feedback Lounge in West Seattle last month.

Why is this pertinent to a blog about beer and heavy metal? Mostly because one of the co-owners, Jeff Gilbert, is one of the most metal (and beer-drinkingest) dudes I know (see tiny photo below for confirmation). I met him in the mid-’80s when I was a teenager putting out a heavy metal fanzine called Heavy Heroes. He lived in a Seattle suburb at the time and had started his own record label, C.O.M.A. Records. Naturally, he wanted to promote his bands and I wanted free records.

Years later, we both wrote for The Rocket Magazine and I could always count on seeing him at most shows I went to—always with a bottle of Bud Lite in hand (yeah, no accounting for taste). Anyway, he has been a tireless supporter of Seattle music—from metal to grunge and punk—and now he finds himself behind the bar (figuratively) instead of in front of it.

I haven’t yet been in the Feedback Lounge myself, and I can’t vouch for its beer selection, but if the place is anything like the dude who put his blood, sweat and tears into getting it up and running, it’s worth checking out. (And if the beer selection doesn't do it for you, you can always go next door to the Beveridge Place after you’ve had a bite to eat out on the Feedback Lounge's Sunndeck.)


fearofbirdshit said...

fearofbirdshit does not drink, fearofbirdshit supports brewtal truth!

AT said...

All are welcome. Thanks for checking in and thanks for your support!