Friday, June 12, 2009

Drink This In

I really don't want to turn this into a blog about metal bands that sing about beer, but I just couldn't resist a quick post about Tankard's latest (which was actually released in the States the same day as the latest Alestorm). This German quartet has been playing beer-drunk thrash since the mid-'80s, basically predating Municipal Waste by nearly 20 years. And they're still just as juvenile and retarded as ever. Check out songs like "Deposit Pirates," "Stay Thirsty!" and "Myevilfart."

But, this is more about the cover. I just couldn't not post that beauty. So metal, so stupid, so awesome. I can't help but imagine that this is what the average long-time Tankard fan must look like at this point.

Musically, Thirst is pretty typical old-school thrash. These guys are old pros by this point and don't really seem to be interested in reinventing the wheel, as it were. But, look at that cover! What does it mean?

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