Friday, July 3, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion (sort of)

OK, I only contributed two chapters to this just-published book, but I gotta get in a plug for the rest of the Decibel crew. Here's the lowdown, per the listing at

"Precious Metal gathers pieces from Decibel magazine's most popular feature, the monthly “Hall of Fame” which documents the making of landmark metal albums via candid, hilarious, and fascinating interviews with every participating band member.

Decibel's editor-in-chief Albert Mudrian, has selected and expanded the best of these features, creating a definitive collection of stories behind the greatest extreme metal albums of all time."

My chapters—on Black Sabbath's Heaven and Hell and Diamond Head's Lightning to the Nations—just happen to be the first two in the book and both were extensively expanded from the original versions that appeared in the magazine in 2008.

Publishing date was supposed to be July 13, but I think Amazon is already selling them.



I can't wait to get this.

AT said...

Me too! Here's hoping Albert manages to send me a copy.