Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tr00 Kvlt Beer

Been trying to do a blog post, at the very least, to coincide with each of my Brewtal Truth columns in Decibel, but I have fallen behind on that a bit. So think back to my April column about German beer and this one will make more sense.

I came across this beauty in Tim Hampson's The Beer Book and figured that any readers looking for thee most kvlt beer-drinking experience need look no further. And it gets even better. Here's what the brewery's website (Google-translated for total, ahem, accuracy) had to offer about this lager:

"A real party beer tart – tasty – crisp no matter where, whether at home or with friends at an event.

The little flip-top bottle promises always a certain freshness when opened.

Maria our brewer says to look Schlodien KULT 'swallow'"

I'm not so sure about that last part, and there's no mention of whether it's popular with the black metal crowd, but with a name like Schlodi Kult it's gotta be good.

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