Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Semi-Official Blog for The Brewtal Truth Guide to Extreme Beers

You might have heard via social media or Decibel editor-in-chief Albert Mudrian's "Just Words" column in a recent issue or that little ad to the right of this post, that I've written a Brewtal Truth book called the Brewtal Truth Guide to Extreme Beers. Albert erroneously announced it was going to be a collection of my Brewtal Truth columns from Decibel, but the, uh, truth is it's all new material—more than 200 pages worth.

The book went from idea to deal to completed manuscript in a very short period of time. And even though I turned in the manuscript more than a month ago, the book won't be published until November 15, 2013. Fun fact: you could have pre-ordered it on Amazon before I had finished writing it. That's how much faith my publisher, Lyons Press, had in me that it was going to be a kick-ass beer book. Or maybe that's just the way things work in the book industry. I prefer to believe the former. Anyway, here's a look at the cover which was also finalized early on in the process (i.e. while I was writing).

This blog, which has languished mightily for four-plus years, will finally be put to some good use. It's now the de facto site for all things relating to the Brewtal Truth Guide to Extreme Beers. In the time leading up to its publication, I figured I'd do some posts about the book. Not just "buy it, buy it, buy it!" kind of stuff, either. More like those youtube videos that bands post where it shows them in the studio making a new album, but it doesn't really let you hear the new songs. Yes, I will tease you relentlessly.

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